Depictions from Helpless Victimization to Triumphant Empowerment


The artwork presented in this section is by one survivor of childhood sexual abuse who has worked with an arts therapist for eight years. The artist has chosen ‘Kali’ as her pseudonym for the purpose of publishing her pictures on this website. ‘Kali’ has given the titles to these pictures, and instructed her therapist to add comments to each that would give the viewer some idea of the context of each drawing, especially a context that would show the movement through the therapeutic healing journey.


“This is artwork by Kali from 2009, aged 19, the year that she took her father to court over the long term abuse she was subjected to for many years. Kali has been attending arts therapy since 2009 and has found using art in different modes helpful for expressing what is difficult to say in words and to make sense of her world.”


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Kali is planning to return to study in youth work so she can help other young people. It’s been an absolute privilege to work with her for the past 8 years demonstrating to me again that for people with trauma and attachment issues a longer term view is needed for therapy.

The stabilizing presence of a consistent relationship with one or more support people is essential (rather than short term involvement  and frequent changes of worker which is encouraged by many services).

[please note the captions/descriptions with these artworks were supplied by the therapist, as per the instruction from the client ]



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