Artwork of Adults in therapy for childhood trauma


Due to client confidentiality, the gallery artwork is anonymous. All the creative works of art, poetry and prose on this website have been created as part of therapy to heal from trauma and/or abuse. I sincerely thank the clients who have so kindly allowed their works to be published in the service of educating the public about trauma and raising awareness of its effects.

The enlightened approach to art therapy precludes the ‘authoritative’ interpretation of people’s creative expression. Rather, clients are invited to find their own path of understanding, or simply witnessing, the visual or verbal expression of the wounded parts of self. Some of the paintings in the gallery have already been exhibited elsewhere, accompanied by written explanations, and in those cases I have included the captions.

Although I don’t offer interpretation of the paintings below, I have grouped them into categories for ease of reference. These categories follow the “Essential Issues” schema outlined under the Healing Journey tab.  If this is ‘interpreting’, I apologize!



Secrecy, Silence and Fear

therapy photos        





Dissociation, Dissociated parts of self

The Dance of Veils






Recognising the damage ;

Honouring what you did to survive ;

And understanding that it wasn’t your fault.


IMG_9510 edited









Memory, stored in body and mind










ANGER :  ‘the backbone of Healing’ (Bass & Davis)

From deep within a cold frozen wasteland, the passion and anger spits and spews its way to the surface, and out.



Parenting the wounded self


IMG_9519 edited













 Healing  &  Moving on


nobody mess








Depictions from Helpless Victimization to Triumphant Empowerment











Post-Natal Depression & Trauma


“All of Me in Glass” There exist within me so many ‘me’s’: the chaos, the infant, the adult without child and the mother I am now. I am finding my colours, my warmth with my son, he loves me and he needs me and I can be safe. But how do I take the other me’s and put them in here where there is light and love? How do I tame the chaos?









Child Art Therapy 











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