Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.  There’s websites all over the Net now, about this phenomenon.  My treatment of the subject is very specific. I want to offer a clear and reader-friendly explanation of how this condition develops in the brain, and how it settles into a permanent disability.  What we call “mental illness” is actually physical illness, located in the brain.  I suspect the term ‘mental’ illness has evolved only because we could not see the inside workings of the brain until so recently, so the outward symptoms did not seem to exist in a physical space. But in fact they do. It just seems to be taking a long time for people to readjust their conceptions and learn to conceive or picture ‘mental illness’ as either damage to the brain area, or malfunction of brain processes. And my guess is that even if this shift was made, it would still remain a concept that made people feel uneasy, compared for example, to a  broken arm or diabetes. And that would be because the brain is where the Mind is generated, and we have deep feelings and instincts, and fears, around the subject of the Mind.




The field of Mindfulness, which is linked to the field of PTSD, is teaching us how we can  use our minds for positive change, how we can use our minds to make a subjective reality that suits us better, that we can use our minds to move us towards feelings of happiness and safety, which we can then build on to promote more of the same. But it is important to understand that the word “Mind” here does not refer to intellect. It includes thought, feeling, emotion, consciousness, memory and sensory awareness. These are the tools that will be used in healing from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.


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